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Excellent summer and autumn for our wines!

Dear wine lovers, Dear Lacerta customers,

In the world red wine region „Dealu Mare“ – the big hill – where our wines are growing, we were able to achieve a great wine year again.

After a slightly too rainy spring, a dream summer and a long and dry „Indian Summer“ in autumn his wine year 2019 was a very nice wine year.

Sufficient sugar and all the necessary aromas promise a top-class vintage in 2019.

Especially Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with vintage 2019 are great wines. This vintage is expected – after

18 months in the barrique and

2-3 years in the bottle

to be launched in the year 2023-2024.

Lacerta Rose, Lacerta Blanc de Noir, already in the spring of 2020.

The European Union introduces its own DOCG Dealu Mare classification for top wines due to the great quality of the wines of our region:


DOCG Reserva and

DOCG Gran Reserva

This is very good news for our LacertA wines that already meet these criteria today.

Try it and get a Lacerta corkscrew with every order starting from 6 bottles: